Saturday Sips ~ Coconut White Hot Chocolate

Are your friends like mine?  Do you sit around with them and talk about amazing food…even when you’re eating food?  One of my food loving friends mentioned having coconut hot chocolate, and I thought it was a genius idea!  What a lovely combination!  So I set to work making it of course!

A yummy winter drink - coconut white hot chocolate from Amanda's Apron

I was shockingly surprised at how addictive it is!  It’s delicious even though it is very simple.  The white chocolate definitely works with the coconut flavor.  And for a holiday twist, it even tastes good with peppermint in it.

Coconut White Hot Chocolate Recipe by Amanda's Apron

Basic Recipe ~ Flax Seed “Egg”

With the growing concerns of food allergies and sensitivities, I always try to experiment with new trends.  I love trying new things because it challenges my creativity.

Last week I made a Broccoli Squash Flatbread and used a flax seed “egg” in the dough in leu of a real egg.  Though this was partially for experimentation, but it was also to make that recipe a little more vegan friendly.  Making a flax seed egg is super simple – it merely requires ground flax seeds and water.  If you happen to have whole flax seed, it can be ground easily in a coffee grinder.

Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes

Usually, I like to make recipes my own, but sometimes you just stumble upon one that doesn’t need any alterations.  This simple recipe found on the Pioneer Woman’s site is delicious and perfect!  It is a great side or even snack (since my husband and I grazed on them all day as I was putting this post together!)

I had two bags of tiny enchanted rose potatoes since they were BOGO at Publix recently.  I knew I wanted something simple and this recipe fit that criteria.

Crash Hot Potato Recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman, serves 4

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