Brunch Round Up

Last week I was able to participate in Brunch Week and it was so fun!  31 other food bloggers participated as well and I have links to all their recipes, too!  If you’re looking for delicious brunch, we’ve got something for everyone from meat lovers to vegans and savory to sweet.  There are recipes that were shared last week for everyone to have a memorable brunch!

Over 80 Brunch Recipes at

Here are the recipes I shared:

Egg White Quesadillas with a Cilantro-Lime Ranch Pesto + 21 other brunch recipes

Tons of Brunch ideas at - perfect for Mother's Day cookingHoney Poached Pear Sundae with Banana “Ice Cream” + 35 other brunch recipes

Pine Tree Bark

Today, I am giving away a top secret recipe for the first time.  This recipe was taught to me when I was a tween by a sweet neighbor I had from Georgia.  She made the best sweet tea, and she made this delicious Pine Tree Bark.

Amanda's Apron shares Pine Tree Bark Recipe with Haute|31

Since it is not exactly healthy, I couldn’t bring myself to post it on this blog, so I have shared it with the readers of Haute|31.  See the recipe here.

Do you make any holiday candies?  Have any tricks, tips, or techniques to make them a bit healthier?

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