Protein Banana Bread Muffins

One of my favorite things to see in my kitchen is when the bananas begin to have little brown specks on them.  This means the bananas are nice and sweet and they open a world of possibilities.  From ice cream to smoothies to banana bread – you want to wait for the bananas in your world to have a few spots, speckles, and streaks.

Protein Banana Bread Muffin Recipe by Amanda's ApronI was inspired by a friend who recently put a bunch of banana bread pictures up on Pinterest.  A few days after seeing the pins, I started craving banana bread like crazy.  I have been faithfully working out and so I decided to try a protein packed version so I could eat as many as I wanted to without feeling guilty.

Israeli Couscous

One of my favorite things to do is replicating delicious restaurant dishes at home in healthier versions.  I am a J. Alexander’s fan and feel I’ve pretty much nailed their Israeli Couscous recipe (though my husband says I improved upon it!)  This recipe is creamy, slightly spicy, and a has a hint of Middle Eastern flair to it.  It’s so delicious that the fact it’s healthy is hardly noticed!

Creamy Israeli Couscous Recipe by Amanda's ApronI added a bit of Parmesan cheese as garnish, but it is easily left off for vegan eating.  This is one of my favorite on hand recipes because it is a fairly easy dish to whip up on a weeknight as a side or as a main course.

Herb Risotto with Roasted Portobello Mushrooms

Risotto.  I was just introduced to this Italian delight about a year ago.  After seeing people make it incorrectly time after time on cooking competition shows (you know, the one where Gordon Ramsay usually yells…a lot?) I decided I needed to try this fancy meal.  I have since fallen in love with it and have decided that it is terribly romantic.  It is comforting, delicious, and takes the time and effort that only love can give.

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