Briami inspired by Cat Cora

Last month, my family and I took photos and celebrated my birthday dinner at Cat Cora’s Kouzzina at Disney’s Boardwalk.  I had never even heard of Briami before, but as soon as I read the menu description, I knew I wanted to try it.

Cat Cora inspired Briami recipe from the restaurant Kouzzina.

Traditional Greek Briami is a dish of oven roasted vegetables with cheese.  Chef Cora took it up a notch by serving it over an herbed orzo.  It was fantastic!  I even put a photo of it on Instagram and promised I’d try to replicate the dish for you, so here’s what I came up with!

Cranberry Round Up

I enjoy devoting a whole week to using ingredients in different ways.  If you do, too, check out my Pumpkin Week and Apple Week.  Here is a round up of all my cranberry recipes for this week!

Cranberry Sauce – a great side that’s quick and easy to add to any holiday meal.

Ingredients for Cranberry Sauce by Amanda's Apron

Cranberry Spread – perfect as a breakfast spread or to dip fruit in!

Delicious Cranberry Spread Recipe from Amanda's Apron

Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies – My new favorite cookie!  I love the combination of sweet and tart!

Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Recipe by Amanda's Apron

Kale, Mac, & Parm

I have been on a kale kick lately.  It’s all the rage and the list of health benefits are seemingly endless.  Kale is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, iron, antioxidants and it has a reputation as a superfood.  I have had it juiced, especially since it is associated with detoxing and weight loss.  However, when it is mature and raw it is very bitter.  In juices, I have to dilute it with a lot of fruit juice.  In this dish it’s cooked so it is not tough or bitter – making this an easy, fast, yummy meal!

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