Raw Date Honey

Today’s recipe is so easy yet such a great kitchen staple to have on hand.  Date honey isn’t really honey at all, yet is a natural sweetener that will sweeten any healthy bread, muffin, or waffle recipe.

Raw Date Honey Recipe | Amanda's Apron

My first experience with dates, aside from fruitcakes, was in Israel.  One was served to me frozen as a dessert.  Let’s just say I like Date Honey much better!

Herb Infused Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

I have been enjoying my slow journey dabbling in gluten-free baking.  I have learned a lot of what doesn’t work along the way and I am excited to share something with you that actually does work! This crust is perfect for any pizza recipe that you love.  I used it in last week’s pizza recipe and love how it turned out!

Herb Infused Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Recipe by Amanda's ApronThis dough is easy to assemble, and since I used rapid rise yeast, it was quick to prepare for a single pizza.  This can also be made and frozen for a few days in a freezer safe plastic bag if you need to prep ahead of time.

Healthy Garden Sauce

A plus about living in Florida is that the climate is ideal for fresh garden ingredients nearly year round.  I keep trying to find pluses so I don’t become bitter about our 80 degree winter.  As a born and raised Floridian, January should be at least 70 degrees, if not 65.  I digress.  Back to the garden!

Produce at my local farmer's market | Amanda's Apron food blog

I visited my local farmer’s market this week as usual and found some lovely little ingredients.  I was also asked how to make a healthy red sauce without sugar in it on Facebook, so I combined thoughts to create this Healthy Garden Sauce.

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