Herb Infused Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

I have been enjoying my slow journey dabbling in gluten-free baking.  I have learned a lot of what doesn’t work along the way and I am excited to share something with you that actually does work! This crust is perfect for any pizza recipe that you love.  I used it in last week’s pizza recipe and love how it turned out!

Herb Infused Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Recipe by Amanda's ApronThis dough is easy to assemble, and since I used rapid rise yeast, it was quick to prepare for a single pizza.  This can also be made and frozen for a few days in a freezer safe plastic bag if you need to prep ahead of time.

Sweet & Spicy Strawberry Pizza

I haven’t met a person that doesn’t like pizza.  There are so many different styles, varieties, toppings, and flavor profiles that there is one for just about any palette.  This is a very non-traditional pizza that I have fallen in love with!  The zippy sauce, sweet onions, and fresh strawberries are so refreshing!

Sweet & Spicy Strawberry Pizza Recipe from Amanda's Apron - it's gluten-free, too

I saw a pizza on Pinterest about two years ago that inspired the sauce and the fresh strawberry and cilantro topping.  I made some modifications and came up with this lovely recipe.

Check out this yummy pizza recipe from Amanda's Apron

Baked Southwestern Empanadas

“We are addicted to Mexican!”  My husband declared this to me as we were in the middle of feasting on chips, salsa, beans, and rice this week.  Sooooo…..maybe it’s true.  And maybe I’m ok with that.  Who am I kidding?  I’m totally ok with that!!!

Now that I have confessed, allow me to introduce my latest creation to you: the Southwestern Empanada.  These are baked, almost vegan, high in protein, and less than 300 calories each.

Southwestern Empanada Recipe by Amanda's Apron

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