Top 2012 Recipes

Thanks for an amazing year!!!  I have loved exploring new things in the kitchen and in the blogging world this year.  I look forward to continued improvement and exploration in healthy cooking.  According to all my readers, Facebook fans, and Pinterest re-pins, here are my top 2012 recipes.

Top 2012 Recipes from Amanda's Apron

1. Pumpkin Pancakes with Candied Pecans

Pumpkin Pancakes + Candied Pecans by Amanda's Apron

2. Coconut White Hot Chocolate

Coconut White Hot Chocolate Recipe by Amanda's Apron

3. Hot Apple Cider {from scratch}

Apple Cider from Scratch by Amanda's Apron

4. Stir Fry

Veggie Stir fry from Amanda's Apron

5. Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Triple Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Recipe by Amanda's Apron

6. Haricot Verts with Toasted Walnuts

Apple Round Up

Apple Week at Amanda's Apron

On Fridays, I share food that I love.  In the middle of Apple Week, what could be more appropriate than a round up of apple recipes?  Here’s what happened at Amanda’s Apron this week in case you missed any of it.

2 Ingredient Easy Cinnamon Applesauce

Cinnamon + Apples and that's it! From Amanda's Apron

Carrot Apple Ginger Soup

Carrot Apple Ginger Soup from Amanda's ApronSweet and Spicy Apple Chips

Sweet & Spicy Apple Chips from Amanda's Apron #vegan

Peanut Butter & Caramelized Apple Stuffed French Toast

Delicious stuffed French toast from Amanda's Apron

And tomorrow for Saturday Sips, I’ll be sharing a delicious apple cider recipe! Yummm!

Hot Apple Cider Recipe from Scratch by Amanda's Apron

Farmers Market Salad

On this lovely Friday, I will be sharing yet another food I love: salad!  This sounds funny and maybe even weird, but I truly love salad!  Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream and cookies, too, so maybe the love I have for salad is a subconscious justification for my love of dessert.

I love that salad can be so diverse, have basically any ingredients in it, and in general, is very healthy.  I try to up my fruit and veggie intake as much as possible, and a healthy salad is a great way to do that.

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