Basic Recipe ~ Flax Seed “Egg”

With the growing concerns of food allergies and sensitivities, I always try to experiment with new trends.  I love trying new things because it challenges my creativity.

Last week I made a Broccoli Squash Flatbread and used a flax seed “egg” in the dough in leu of a real egg.  Though this was partially for experimentation, but it was also to make that recipe a little more vegan friendly.  Making a flax seed egg is super simple – it merely requires ground flax seeds and water.  If you happen to have whole flax seed, it can be ground easily in a coffee grinder.

Flax Seed “Egg” Recipe yields 1 “egg” replacement

1T ground flax seed I used golden flaxseed meal, but regular flaxseed meal is fine as well

3T room temperature water

(or other ratio of 1:3)

Simply whisk the two ingredients together and allow to sit for about 1 minute until gelatinous (or slightly longer if using greater amounts.)

It will look something like this when it is ready to use.  You can see the gel-like texture on the outside of the seeds – it kind of looks like egg white!  Because this gels into one big clump, I whisk mine again right before dropping into the mixing bowl.

Enjoy learning how to be a healthier baker!

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