Raw Date Honey

Today’s recipe is so easy yet such a great kitchen staple to have on hand.  Date honey isn’t really honey at all, yet is a natural sweetener that will sweeten any healthy bread, muffin, or waffle recipe.

Raw Date Honey Recipe | Amanda's Apron

My first experience with dates, aside from fruitcakes, was in Israel.  One was served to me frozen as a dessert.  Let’s just say I like Date Honey much better!

Dates are very nutritious since they are full or vitamins and fiber, and are nearly fat free.  However, they are high in natural sugar and therefore high in calories.  Though they are not sugar friendly to those with diabetes, dates are still a great natural sweetener for those who can handle sugar and are looking to get refined sugar out of their pantries.

Raw Date Honey Recipe makes about 1 cup

1C fresh dates in any variety I used Medjool

about 1C warm water

1/4t cinnamon optional

Ingredients for Raw Date Honey by Amanda's Apron

Other date paste or date honey recipes call for the dates to be boiled.  Though this is an option, it is not necessary, and it is just as easy and smooth to keep the date honey raw.  If your dates are not pitted, squeeze the pits out.  Once the pits are gone, soak the dates in the water for 10-15 minutes.  After soaking, put the dates in a food processor, reserving the liquid.  Blend the dates well, adding a little bit of the soaking water periodically until desired smooth texture is reached.  Add in the cinnamon if desired and blend well.

Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  Viola!  Date honey is a delicious addition to baked goods, a nice spread on toast or apple slices, and is even a good mix in for energy bars or protein shakes!

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