Kale, Mac, & Parm

I have been on a kale kick lately.  It’s all the rage and the list of health benefits are seemingly endless.  Kale is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, iron, antioxidants and it has a reputation as a superfood.  I have had it juiced, especially since it is associated with detoxing and weight loss.  However, when it is mature and raw it is very bitter.  In juices, I have to dilute it with a lot of fruit juice.  In this dish it’s cooked so it is not tough or bitter – making this an easy, fast, yummy meal!

Kale, Mac, & Parm Recipe by http://AmandasApron.com

Isn’t it lovely?  This is a recipe I’ve made several times the last few weeks because it’s so easy, quick, and delicious.  The combination of the lovely kale with the smooth, buttery Parmesan is simply divine. This is not a recipe that wildly hits you with flavor, but rather a modest, homey comfort food.  The melted Parmesan somehow touches every noodle and makes it taste almost like buttered noodles.  Uhhh….I might need to go make some more right now.

Like most of my recipes, the measurements need not be exact.  However, here is what I used:

Kale, Mac, & Parm Recipe serves 2

1C elbow macaroni pasta

1C kale, stems removed and cut into bite sized pieces

4T shredded Parmesan cheese

2 pinches of sea salt

Ingredients for Kale, Mac, & Parm by Amanda's Apron

While the water begins to boil, make sure the kale is prepared and shred the Parmesan.  Since you’re shredding Parmesan anyway, you might as well make the easy Parmesan Crisp recipe that I posted earlier this week.

Grated Parmesan for Kale, Mac, & Parm by Amanda's Apron

When the water is ready, boil the macaroni noodles for 5 minutes.  Then, add the kale to the boiling water and macaroni for 2 minutes.  Once the kale and macaroni have been fully cooked, it will look something like this.

Pasta & Kale from http://amandasapron.com

Drain and rise fully, rinsing the starch off the noodles and kale.

Return to the pan and medium heat.  Add the Parmesan and salt and stir continuously.

Since there is no fat from oil or butter to keep the pan moist, the spoon must constantly be moving in order to keep the cheese from burning.

Once the cheese is melted and fully incorporated, serve immediately.  Garnish with a little extra shredded Parmesan and Parmesan Crisps.

Oh-So-Good Kale, Mac, & Parm from Amanda's Apron

It does save well, however when reheated it is a little dry so you may want to add some olive oil, butter, or additional shredded Parmesan to stir in.

Yummmmm - Kale, Mac, & Parm from http://amandasapron.com


Love, Amanda from Amanda's Apron


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