Clean Piña Colada Popsicles

I have really been trying to curb my sweet cravings lately.  Fruit and peanut butter have been my main go-tos.  I feel like fruit is a pretty perfect dessert because it’s sweet and healthy.  Popsicles combine those worlds perfectly.  These sweet little numbers reminds me of summer.

Clean Piña Colada Pop Recipe | Amanda's Apron

Note that Florida has decided to have its most erratic winter in my life’s history.  January was boiling, and it is now currently in the 50′s.  But I have no fears.  These lovely pops are in the freezer ready for the much-too-hot winter temperatures that will return in a day or so.

Clean Piña Colada Popsicle Recipe makes about 8

1C coconut milk

2/3C pineapple chunks I used fresh but canned would work fine

1 banana

juice from 1 lime

1/4t xanthan gum optional

Pina Colada Pop Ingredients | Amanda's Apron

Combine all ingredients into a blender.  Though the xanthan gum is not absolutely necessary, just know that the coconut milk and juice from the pineapple will not want to stay blended.  The xanthan gum helps keeps the flavors evenly distributed.

It is so easy to make your own healthy popsicles | Amanda's Apron

Pour into your popsicle molds and freeze.  So easy!

How to make clean pina colada pops | Amanda's Apron


This is a great picture to show you what omitting xanthan gum looks like.  Notice the top of the pop is very white – it’s mostly coconut milk and not very flavorful.  It’s just about a bite’s worth so it’s not a deal breaker, but I just wanted you to know.  Still yummy!

Clean sweet eating recipe- Pina Colada Pops | Amanda's Apron

If you love frozen sweet treats, check out my Mango Strawberry Pomegranate popsicles, too!

Mango Strawberry Pomegranate Popsicle Recipe | Amanda's Apron

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