Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese month?  Last year I celebrated with this Caprese Grilled Cheese - which was phenomenal!!!  This year, I wanted to explore a spicier option.  I am delighted with this sandwich and am so excited to share it with you!

Vegetarian Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe from Amanda's Apron - yumm!

I’m not gonna lie.  The past few months I have been obsessed with Mother Thyme’s Buffalo Cauliflower Dip.  It’s so delicious and since its full of cauliflower, I don’t feel so guilty eating it!  When I was thinking of what kind of grilled cheese to make, it hit me to combine these two loves of mine.  Viola!

2 kinds of cheese make this Buffalo Grilled Cheese irresistable | http---amandasapron.com

Buffalo Grilled Cheese Recipe serves 2
4 slices bread I used a swirled rye
1/4 head cauliflower
1/2 a block of several slices of sharp cheddar cheese
1/4C cream cheese
1/4C plain Greek yogurt
2-6T hot sauce
1T fresh dill
Several dashes each of garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika
1T butter or spray oil

Ingredients for a Vegetarian Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Amanda's Apron

First, shred or grate the cauliflower.

Shredded cauliflower is a great shredded chicken substitute for vegetarians | Amanda's Apron

It can be finely or roughly shredded. For this sandwich I chose to roughly shred it for greater texture. This should make about 1 cup of shredded cauliflower.

Looking to sneak in vegetables to something delicious? You found it! via Amanda's Apron

In a skillet on medium heat, warm up the cauliflower and add in the cream cheese and hot sauce, stirring until the cream cheese is incorporated, or about 3 minutes.  Start with 2T of hot sauce, then increase if you’d like.  I know some people handle their spices better than others.

Easy Vegetarian filling for a buffalo grilled cheese | Amanda's Apron

Stir in the Greek yogurt, dill, and spices.  Once the buffalo cauliflower mixture is combined, set aside.

Shredded Cauliflower is the sneaky substitute for this Buffalo filling | Amanda's Apron

Meanwhile, butter the bread and prepare the cheese slices, if using a cheese block.  This is your grilled cheese, so I can’t limit the amount you put on your sandwich.  (And if you’re using spray oil instead of butter, skip the buttering step.)

Amanda used swirled Rye to make this spicy grilled cheese delicious | Amanda's Apron

In a clean, warm skillet on medium heat, drop a slice of bread, butter side down. Add a layer of cheddar cheese.

Delicious Vegetarian recipe for Grilled Cheese Month via Amanda's Apron

Add the cauliflower mixture on top.  I ended up adding more hot sauce and paprika just for kick.

Hot Sauce & Paprika are surprisingly delicious additions to a zippy grilled cheese sandwich recipe | Amanda's Apron

Top with another layer of cheddar cheese, and finally, the other piece of bread, butter side up.  Look at the cheese, already oozing out!

How to make a spicy grilled cheese sandwich | Amanda's Apron

At this point, my best advice is patience and not a lot of spatula usage.  You want the cheese to melt naturally (which the warm cauliflower mixture will help speed that along.)  Also, don’t squish this grilled cheese with a spatula, lest you want the contents all over the pan!

Once the cheese has begun to melt outside the sandwich, it’s probably ready to carefully flip over.

Melted Cheddar completes this vegetarian Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Amanda's Apron

Cook until the bread is golden and the cheese is melty.

A delicious way to celebrate Grilled Cheese Month - Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe by Amanda's Apron

Enjoy this zippy vegetarian grilled cheese!

Buffalo Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Amanda's Apron Blog - It's vegetarian, too!

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