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I am proud to report today is day 13 of my detox juice cleanse! I’ve been going strong…and I’m really looking forward to eating in a day!  The longest time of juicing I’ve ever done has been three days, so to do two full weeks is a pretty good accomplishment.  I feel really great, but I’m also looking forward to cooking again!

Sweetart Juice Recipe | Amanda's Apron

Last week I shared one of my favorite juice recipes with you.  Here’s another I fell in love with these past two weeks.  It is super tart and then has sweetness to it at the same time.  The only way to describe it is a sweetart!

Plum based raw fresh juice recipe from Amanda's Apron

It’s also one of the prettiest juices.  I can’t even make these colors up!

Sweetart Juice Recipe serves 1

3 large or 4 small plums

1 beet greens optional

Ingredients for Sweetart Juice | Amanda's ApronJuice all ingredients together for your own natural, healthy, raw, sweetart juice!  I am new to juiced beets, so I cut the peel off mine, including the hairy roots so the juice was a little less earthy.

Plum Beet juice | Amanda's Apron blogEnjoy!

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