Sunrise Juice

I promise! I am not becoming a juice blog!  You just have to remember I didn’t eat anything for two weeks, so juice recipes were all I had to hold onto!

Sunrise Juice recipe from

This juice is delicious!  I cannot even rave enough.  This lovely orange jewel is refreshing, and a natural energy boost for the morning.

Fresh Delicious Raw Vegan Juice Recipe

This juice is also great for those who are new to juicing.  There is nothing yucky or weird about this juice, like some raw juice recipes.  It is, however, full of natural sugar so if you’re watching your sugar intake throw in 3 cups of spinach.  Spinach is great to juice because you get lots of vitamins, but the taste isn’t overpowering.

Sweetart Juice

I am proud to report today is day 13 of my detox juice cleanse! I’ve been going strong…and I’m really looking forward to eating in a day!  The longest time of juicing I’ve ever done has been three days, so to do two full weeks is a pretty good accomplishment.  I feel really great, but I’m also looking forward to cooking again!

Sweetart Juice Recipe | Amanda's Apron

Last week I shared one of my favorite juice recipes with you.  Here’s another I fell in love with these past two weeks.  It is super tart and then has sweetness to it at the same time.  The only way to describe it is a sweetart!

Bluepeary Juice

I am on my 6th day of juice fasting and feel great!  I write more about that here.  On my Instagram account, I was asked about some of my juicing recipes, so I’ll be bringing you a few!  Today’s is simple, delicious, and sweet.  But with all the spinach, there’s no guilt!

Bluepeary Juice Recipe from Amanda's Apron

My husband came up with this clever name which clearly describes this delicious juice.

Pearberry Juice Recipe serves 1
2 ripe pears
2 C spinach or baby spinach
1 C blueberries

Ingredients for Pear Blueberry Spinach juice recipe | Amanda's Apron

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